Why I won't be participating in this years PMDD Awareness Month

Hello, beautiful warrior, thank you for stopping by my blog. Before you begin to read this particular post, I want you to know that it comes with a Trigger Warning. If you have PMDD, it may negatively trigger you. So, proceed with caution. 


Let me start by saying I love all of MY PMDD sisters, we do not agree on many things, but regardless I have much love for you. 


I woke this morning, and the first thing to pop in my mind was this blog post, so here I am. Today is April 4th, 2020. Not only are we in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but we are also 4 days into PMDD awareness month. Something I am choosing not to participate in this year. 


Last year, I was all in during PMDD AWARENESS month. I participated in the photo challenge, recorded extra podcast episodes, and bought tickets to watch a PMDD conference virtually. 


Everything was great, but things quickly began to change. I went from being excited and ready to conquer the world to feeling dark and inauthentic. In my opinion, the stuff I saw represented PMDD awareness in a wicked, depressing way...


I can't remember the order of the chain of events because it's been a year but this what I saw ( again, this is my view):


  1. Dark, depressing posts on Instagram. My attitude was okay; women want to get their point across that PMDD SUCKS. I get it. I decided I would continue to participate, but I wouldn't spend a lot of time scrolling through my feed. I wasn't about to slip over to the dark side again, I had lived there for many years, and no way in hell was I going back! 
  2. There was a morning show in the UK where two women went on to talk about PMDD Awareness month. Both said women had a hysterectomy. And that was the gist of what they shared about PMDD. This segment of the morning show was blasted in all of the groups, and all over social media. Everyone was so excited that PMDD got a segment on live TV. I watched and instantly got sick to my stomach, depressed, and fueled with anger! I was so upset I had to all a few of my fellow PMDD sisters to calm me down. They were just as disgusted as I was. None of us could believe what we had just watched. It sent the message that the only option for treating PMDD birth control, meds, forced menopause, and hysterectomy. While I respect these two women for having the courage to go on the show and share their story, I feel they needed a third person to advocate for the non=- traditional ways of treating PMDD. 
  3. Next was the conference- I am just going, to be honest, it was the most depressing thing I have ever watched. I couldn't even finish it. My friend, who is a local therapist and I met up at a park after to walk and discuss the conference, neither one of us was happy about it. The conference was just a much longer version of the news show.  

           I was so angry, and my heart hurt for all of the vulnerable women out there watching this shit, thinking there only options were the options discussed. That's when I realized I could no longer participate in PMDD awareness month. 


With that being said, the first post I saw for this year was one saying, as of now, there is no CURE. The second was one saying I felt like throwing myself down the stairs today.  Ladies, as much as I respect the idea of PMDD awareness month, focusing on dark things will not heal you, they will only bring you down. Now, with that being said I know there are many posts out there shining a positive light on PMDD. It's not all bad.  To each her own. You have to do what's best for you. If that's participating, then that is what you should do. 


Here's the thing, YOU DO YOU BOO. DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU, but please do it knowing all of your options. Do your research!!! Please. There are so many ladies out there that are almost or 100% PMDD free that did it without the traditional Western Medicine Treatments. I am one of them! 


Do what's best for you. Id that's Western Medince, okay great. I ask that you research all of your options for YOU. Not for me, I am PMDD free. DO IT FOR YOU. Especially if you are thinking about hysterectomy. 

When you do your research most treatments regarding PMDD will be Western Medicine based.  You will find that most evidence-based studies are western medicine based as well. Why??? Because pharmaceutical companies have billions of dollars to support their studies! They also have a ton of money to throw at the organizations that support PMDD. My advice, go research the pharmaceutical industry. 


We got to treat the CAUSE -not the symptoms if we want to heal. I will post some links below that can get you started down the path to do your research.  



Sending you lots of love. You got this! 


Links for you:

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