Is Your Menstrual Cycle Wreaking Havoc On Your Life & Career?

In honor of mental health awareness month, I want to spread awareness about a mood disorder that affects 1 in 20 women. The sad thing is that many women don't know they have PMDD or have been misdiagnosed. 

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder aka PMDD. PMDD is a cyclical, hormone-based mood disorder. I will post links below to where you can learn more about PMDD, but I want to talk about PMDD symptoms and how it can wreak havoc on your life and career. 

Let me tell you about PMDD...

Imagine going about life feeling good and living your best life. Feeling energized, loving your family, your work and feeling healthy. And then BOOM! Out of nowhere, you enter the dark place. You feel depressed, tired, you hate life so much, so you think about taking yours. You can't focus because you have severe brain fog. You feel crazy. You may or may not like your spouse, you can barely stand to be around your kids, and it takes everything you've got to get out of bed and get to work. You can't even stand being around yourself. You cry, and you feel misunderstood and alone. Now, imagine this cycle happening every two weeks. The women that have it don't have to imagine it because they are living it. 

I too have ( had) PMDD. I also used to live in the dar place. I am blessed to say that I no longer live in the dark and PMDD no longer controls my life. With that being said, I remember what it was like when she did.  

If you find yourself feeling any of the above, but not all the time, start tracking. If some of the above symptoms are showing up every two weeks like clockwork, you may have PMDD. Keep in mind that every woman is different; some women may experience more severe symptoms than others. However, the only way you're going to know if it is indeed PMDD is to track. If you feel great day 1-14 of your cycle, and feel like a completely different person from day 14- until you start your period, you may have PMDD. 

The good news is there is hope, and you don't have to live in misery, but the first step to healing is to identify whether or not you have it. 

Useful Links:

If you are looking for PMDD support, please join the facebook community: Facebook Community

For more information on PMDD check out The PMDD Diaries Podcast:

For more information on PMDD Coaching shoot me a message via LinkedIn.

For more information on PMDD:

For holistic treatments for PMDD, contact me and I can send you some links to functional medicine doctors.


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