Online Dating 101

We live in a world where we are slaves to our little handy dandy mobile devices. For many, checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning and the last thing they do before going to bed. Some people can’t even put the damn thing away while driving. The guy in the black Jeep driving down the interstate in front of me yesterday was one of those people. He was in the fast lane, going 50 mph. When I finally got around him I saw he literally had his phone in front of his face; he was facetiming or recording a video! What the hell, dude? Lastly, next time you go to the airport, the DMV, a bar, a pool or well, almost anywhere really, look up from your phone and take note of how many people are on their phones! It’s honestly a sad sight to see because people don’t talk to each other anymore.


Ok… Enough of that, this post isn’t about mobile phones. This post is for all my single friends out there in the world looking to meet the love of...

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