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Hello Beautiful Warrior,

Let me tell you about journaling. Why? Because it changed my life. 

If you are reading this you probably know that PMDD can have you feeling like a straight up cra -cra at times. Not to mention, depressed, out of control and wreck-less. Am I right or am I right? 

Guess what? Journaling and keeping a food diary helped me figure out what was happening.  True story! 

By keeping track of the supplements I took, and the food I ate- I was able to figure out what was causing me to feel so damn terrible. 


I want one!

Why is journaling and tracking so important? And what's so special about your diary?

Great questions, I'm glad you asked! First of all, I created the PMDD Diary from pure heart. I took everything I was doing and created a diary for you to keep everything in one place. This 3 month diary helps you keep things  simple. 

  • Track your food.
  • Track your meds and supplements.
  • Practice gratitude. Did you know that there are studies that show practicing gratitude can improve your quality of life? 
  • Keep track of your mood and exercise.
  • Journal about your day. How you felt. What you did that day, how you felt and your energy levels! 

By doing this when you feel bad you have the most powerful tool. You have documentation! With this documentation you can research yourself, and figure what's making you feel bad! 

How??? On the days you feel good, go back and look at the other days you felt good. What did you do? What didn't you do? 

Feeling bad? Go back to your journal entries to when you felt bad , and look for common factors on your bad days. I guarantee there will be something. 

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