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What Is PMDD and Do You Have It?

I want to start by saying I am not a medical professional; while I have a ton of experience with PMDD and coach women with PMDD, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be. However, it is my horrible experience with Western Medicine MDs that led me to where I am today, with a passion for helping women with PMDD.

what is pmdd

PMDD stands for:

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

The statistics are a little all over the place. It used to be that 1 in 20 women have PMDD. The latest statistics say 1 in 12. ( According to Very Well Health) Which stat is correct? Who knows... possibly neither one of them.

I want to break PMDD down under Layman's Terms. So here goes. PMDD is often misdiagnosed as Bipolar disorder. Because with both, severe mood swings occur. The difference with PMDD is that mood swings are related and happen around the menstrual cycle; for a majority of women who suffer from PMDD, they are completely "normal" during the first two weeks of their cycle. We call this the follicular phase. Then, the two weeks before Aunt Flow is scheduled to come -that Bitch PMDD starts to show herself. PMDD loves the luteal phase. She loves to show her ass during this time in BIG BIG ways!

the luteal phase

If you have PMDD, chances are that your symptoms will kick in like clockwork around 14 days before your period. You may start to get irritable, sad, angry, depressed, and find it hard to focus. Now, take all of the things I just mentioned and amplify them. Imagine your worst PMS multiplied by 1000. This causes us to act impulsively, do things out of character, make rash decisions, yell, throw things, and cry at the drop of a hat! You literally feel bat-shit crazy at times! Like - you get on your own damn nerves!

The worst is probably our thoughts and how we feel completely different about things during our luteal phase than we do during our follicular phase. Hence- why PMDD is often mistaken as Bipolar disorder. Let me give you some examples of PMDD life during the luteal phase:

  • If you are in a relationship, you may adore your significant other during the follicular phase, but when PMDD kicks in, you may feel like you don't want to be in that relationship. You may have paranoid thoughts, pick fights, or just hate them all together. You may want to break up or divorce during this time, but as soon as the floodgates open, you find yourself in love all over again.

  • You may find yourself questioning your career and even quitting a job, only to regret it as soon as your period starts.

  • If you have children, you may find it extremely hard to parent during this time and often find yourself screaming at your children. It's horribe and then you find yourseld hating yourself for it.

  • Some women find themselves not being able to get along with anyone during this time, and because of it, their lives are miserable ALL the time because they are so busy trying to clean up the mess they made when PMDD was in charge. It's truly exhausting.

  • Some women experience suicidal thoughts during this time as well.

Now, you are probably wondering how to tell if you indeed have PMDD.

do i have pmdd

I recommend keeping a journal.

Are your moods extreme?

Do they kick in like clockwork 14 to 5 days before your period?

Are you completely normal and happy the two weeks before your period?

Once you start paying attention it pretty easy to tell if its PMDD.

That was my breakdown of PMDD. However, the technical definition is " A severe form of PMS."

If you want to learn more about PMDD please listen to my podcast, The PMDD Diaries.

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