Meet Natasha Motyka


 New Year’s morning of 2017 I had a revelation- a “calling” if you will (cliché’- I know, but that’s when it happened). I woke that morning knowing exactly what I wanted and what my life’s purpose was. It was clear as day I am meant to help others on their journey to self-love, finding their soulmate and/or creating a thriving relationship with their significant other. It was like seeing it in neon lights on Broadway! What I also realized is I have been coaching and consulting people for years without even realizing it!  Words can’t express the way I felt that morning- it was invigorating and I finally had clarity. I enrolled in the World Coach Institute Program and will be certified in June of 2017. I will achieve my International Coach Federation Certification soon thereafter.


  I truly believe if I’m going to call myself a coach I need to be trained and certified to best serve my clients. I, however, find my “PhD in Life” is what truly qualifies me to be a Life, Expert Dating and Relationship Coach.  What I have experienced not one book in the world can teach you. My past, (which I used to be ashamed of) was one continuous boot camp that benefited and now empowers me to help others.

So, let’s rewind…

Here’s the condensed version of my history.

It all started when I was 16. I fell hard for a twenty-something year old guy, moved in with him and had a baby. By the age of 17 our relationship failed.

The “ripples in the pond” effect took place…

Between the ages of 16-40 I had a plethora of boyfriends; seven I lived with, three turned into engagements that ended before the altar and two resulted in failed marriages.  And… I had two more children by two of those men.

Every one of those years were spent searching for a man to provide my happiness. If I wasn’t hunting, I was involved in an unhealthy relationship.  I would snoop through their drawers, phones and cars searching for indicators of cheating.  I also spent many hours in a car on stakeouts in search of any shred of evidence, and I often found it. If I wasn’t playing investigator, I was doing stupid shit to make whomever I was with (or wanted to reunite with) jealous or “want” me more by playing the role of somebody I wasn’t.

I went from job to job; I was either on some crazy unhealthy diet or binge eating while inhaling ex-lax like candy.  I was a total “band-wagoner”. I compared myself to others, had a poor, pitiful me attitude, and I lived in a state of fear.  In short… I was a hot mess!

It wasn’t until I turned 39 I had my “awakening” and realized a man cannot make me happy. The problem was I was living with a man when I made this discovery.  Naturally, I thought to myself if I can find something to make me happy, our relationship will probably get better. My solution was to find a career I love and was proud of.  I decided to get my real estate license and become a realtor. Long story short, a career can’t make you happy and it damn sure can’t repair a relationship you had no business being part of in the first place.

Finally, enough was enough! I ended that relationship and my youngest son and I moved into a super cute apartment; it was “our space”. I now had a career I wasn’t ashamed of. I won’t lie though, being a single mom and trying to get a real estate business started was stressful and hard. But I read a lot, took several business and self-development classes and focused on making a happy life for my son and I.

During my journey to self-discovery I learned happiness begins with loving, trusting and respecting yourself. There is not a person, a job or a thing that can provide that for you.  I met some great people along the way, and I’ve had to cut ties with some others. I learned countless life lessons. One significant lesson is my past is my past and it made me the person I am today, so don’t deny or be ashamed of it. I don’t regret being with any of the men from my past as they in a sense showed me exactly what I wanted and didn’t want when it comes to relationships.

  I am now happily married to an in love amazing man and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. While, I don’t look to him to provide my happiness, he accentuates it

I truly believe in my heart of hearts my life purpose is to help and inspire others to embrace their story, love themselves whole heartedly, discover their purpose and find their one true love.











“Happiness Begins With You”