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Are you tired of PMDD running your show? 

I was too. So, I decided she wasn't going to run my show any more and was determined to not only put her in the backseat, but completely free myself from her. And guess what? I did it. 

And then..

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Hello! If you're here, chances are you have PMDD, you jump from one relationship to another or you're struggling in your current relationship. Guess what? You're not alone. I too, have PMDD and I used to struggle in ALL of my relationships.  PMDD is something I struggled with for years. 
PMDD played a significant role in me becoming a love addict. I know right... Just imagine- a PMDD-LOVE ADDICTED. I was a hot mess: Three kids by three different dads, six engagements, three marriages, two divorces and seven live- in boyfriends throughout my life. In addition several mini romances between the above.
I eventually hit rock bottom and decided enough is enough. I couldn't live as I was another minute. It was a journey, but I got it together. PMDD is no longer in my driver's seat.  I am happily married to my forever guy and no longer a love addict.
My passion and purpose are to help you leave the dark place. Girlfriend, I know what it's like to be there, so let's get you the hell out!

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