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Rockin' Relationships 101

Stay tuned. This on-line course is coming soon!

The Podcast

The Podcast for men and women that want to revive their marriage & end the cycle of unhealthy relationships and choose the "right" one. 

Online Dating 101

Stay tuned. This on-line course is coming soon! 

Meet Your Coach

First off, I would like to thank you for dropping by my website. If you're here chances are you're experiences challenges in your marriage; or you're tired of being in unhealthy relationships, but don't know how to end the cycle. If either of the scenarios apply to you, I have good news, you're in the right place! 

    I spent over half of my life involved in unhealthy relationships. So, trust me when I tell you I understand where you're at and what you're going though. Being in an unhealthy relationship and/or jumping from one bad realtionship to another is miserable and exhausting. 

  I have 23 years experience in unhealthy relationships. I consider myself to have a PhD in relationships. While I used to be ashamed of my past, I now know the universe was training me for my calling.  In addition to my life experience, I took the necessary steps to become a certified life and realtionship coach. However, it's my past experience that blessed me with the skills to help you! 




 Rockin' Relationships 101 Facebook Group

I know, I know you're probably thinking not another FB group. This one is different! I go live weekly with relationship advice. Not to mention its a safe place for ladies to ask relationship advice! Oh ya, sorry guys this is a ladies only group!


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