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Greetings! I have a confession to make: I initially planned to become a relationship coach when I received my coaching certifications. However, I ended up becoming a PMDD coach by chance. It all started with The PMDD Diaries Podcast, where I shared my personal experience with PMDD. I was surprised by the number of people who reached out to me after listening to the podcast, seeking help. So, I decided to focus on PMDD coaching and started helping women and couples cope with PMDD.


Although I was glad to be assisting many people, I felt like an outsider in the PMDD community. My approach to treating PMDD did not align with Western Medicine, which did not sit well with some people. Additionally, using the pronoun "women" was a point of contention for some. It was both a blessing and a curse to have opened Pandora's Box!


However, after a while, I let all the comments and emails get to me. Rather than focusing on all the amazing things I was doing in the community and how many women I was helping, I focused on the negative. I let the comments and negative opinions bring me down. I took it as a sign to quit PMDD coaching and went back to selling real estate full-time. I deleted my website, my courses, and my social media accounts. I was done. I felt as if I had completed what I was meant to do in the community.

Every few months, I felt an urge to record a podcast episode or check in on the PMDD community. Although not everyone appreciated my approach, many did and I received emails asking if I was going to return. I resisted this feeling for a while but in August 2023, I could no longer ignore it. I truly believe that I was put on this earth to help women with PMDD and it was a blessing. I felt like God was saying, "No, Ma'am. This is what I put you here to do." So, here I am. I'm back and I'm wiser and stronger than before. I don't care about what the people who don't like it think. I'm not here for them. If you are reading this and it resonates with you, then chances are I am here for you and that's all that matters. So, welcome! If you're ready to simplify PMDD and alleviate symptoms, then let's talk.

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